This story is about a resident of Mexico City who would travel to the Rebbe. As there was no direct flight to NY, he’d travel to some other destination to the states and from there take a connecting flight. He also traveled on the first direct flight from Mexico City to NY. At yechidus, the Rebbe advised him to delay his return trip several days. As our friend was eager to return to his business, he nevertheless stuck to his original plan. He was even too sheepish to bid the Rebbe farewell the day he traveled back as was his wont. Well, the plane’s engine caught fire on the runway. By some nes, he escaped the plane and returned to 770. When he told the Rebbe what happened, the Rebbe responded, “It appears one needs to bid farewell before traveling.”

As time bore on, his business began to decline. When his wife traveled to the Rebbe he requested her to tell the Rebbe about their difficult situation and ask him for ten dollars to help the business.  The wife asked the Rebbe and the Rebbe searched his entire office finally coming up with a dollar bill. Not wishing to disappoint her husband, she mustered all her courage saying, “My husband requested ten.” So the Rebbe searched more and handed her a 100 dollar bill. he told her, “As good as you are at asking, I’m even better at giving.”

The Rebbe then advised her that her husband should acquire a synthetic sewing machine as there were no such machines then in Mexico City.

Our friend contacted a chosid in London who dealt in these machines. When hearing that he was looking for a machine on the Rebbe’s advise, the chosid sold him one at a reduced price (or he gave him one freely). The locals of Mexico City began lining up to use his machine and kept him extremely busy. He ultimately obtained sixty machines to fill the demand!

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