The whole purpose in sending out Shluchim…

The Frierdike Rebbe tasked his devoted chosid Rav Shmuel Aharon Kazarnovsky to visit the Yeshivos he established throughout the States. Everywhere he traveled, the situation was devastating: The local shliach (back then usually a single bocher) would almost invariably tell him about his arrival in town: He went straight to the local Rabbi who welcomed him with open arms. After all, there were very few other Orthodox Jews in town and certainly precious with whom the Rabbi could engage in a Gemara discussion. The bocher would typically board at the Rabbi’s home. Rapidly he opened a Yeshiva and began a weekly Mesibos Shabbos group amongst a whole host of other activities. The Rabbi eventually saw how popular these activities were becoming. Fearing he might lose his status in his community, he’d then inform the bocher along with the local community that his Shul was taking over the school and all the other activities under its own auspices. The Rabbi and his Shul would then happily reap the fruits of the Lubavitcher Shliach’s hard labour. The hapless bocher had to then begin anew building himself from the bottom up.

Upon his return to 770, he entered the Rebbe’s room to report to him about his visit. In line with prevalent practise then, Rav Kazarnovsky wished to spare the Rebbe the devastating story he heard throughout his visit considering his precarious health. So he reported about the extensive educational and outreach activities he found wherever he visited and the Shluchim’s hard work throughout the States. The Rebbe asked, “און וואס נאך (What else)?” (The Rebbe did not usually grill in this manner.) So Rav Shmuel shared some more details about his visits. “און וואס נאך?” The Rebbe asked again. And Rav Shmuel elaborated some more. “און וואס נאך?” The Rebbe persisted. Rav Shmuel finally realized that he could not hide anything from the Rebbe. And he was compelled to share with the Rebbe everything you just read. But to his pleasant surprise, the Rebbe laughed very deeply, “דאס איז דאך געווען דער גאנצן כוונה (the entire purpose of sending Shluchim was to get the local Rabbi and Jews involved in education and outreach)”…


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