This fellow observed everything wr

15 Iyor Omer 30 5776

This story is of a wealthy, ignorant fellow in a small shtetl who barely learned any Torah. Once, in an audience with the local Rov, he noticed an expensive set of the Vilna Shas on the Rov’s bookcase. The wealthy fellow was enraged that the Rov, on his meager income owned such an expensive when the wealthiest resident of the shtetl, meaning himself, did not. he therefore determined to obtain for himself the set. The trouble was that he had no use for such a set. He therefore commissioned a carpenter to carve out for him a wooden set of the Shas with the names of the respective masechtos carved out in gold as they appear on an authentic Gemoro.

Upon his demise his sons arrived from the various Yeshivos in which they studied to bury their father.  But how were they to eulogize such an ignorant, arrogant and vain father who never displayed any noble midos? The oldest suggested the wooden Shas be displayed at the funeral. And so they did.

During the funeral, the oldest son stepped up to offer the elegy. “It’s stated that when a scholar passes on, a Sefer Torah is placed near his coffin to indicate that he observed everything written therein.” Pointing to their father’s wooden Shas, the son continued, “I hereby attest that our father observed everything written herein.”

(In the name of R’ Chaim Shaul Brook)


One recalcitrant Lubavitcher husband in Eretz Yisroel  did not obey the local Rabbonim to divorce his wife. The Rabbonim decided to bring up the matter with the Frierdike Rebbe on his impending trip to Eretz Yisoel. In one Israeli town, the husband was amongst the crowd who greeted the Rebbe on his arrival. The Rebbe indicated with his finger should the fellow should come up the bacony to speak with him. Up on the balcony, the Rebbe told him that the first Mishna in Kiddushin indicates that there are two ways a woman can be freed from her marriage; either by receiving a get or by her husband’s death. Should the fellow refuse to free his wife the first day there’ll be no altenative but that she be frred the other way.

All this regrettably didn’t sway the husband. Several days later as he walked down the street, he was fatally hit by a bullet shot randomly into the air by some Arab. (As apparently reported in a local newspaper shortly thereafter.)

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