The girl’s restored eyesight

22 Sivon 5776

Rabbi Fine, visited his Rebbe just prior to the holocaust. Rabbi Fine was reluctant to part from him despite the looming disaster. The previous Belzer Rebbe, however, encouraged his devoted chosid to flee. Allaying his reluctance, the Rebbe advised Rabbi Fine that whenever he’ll need the Rebbe’s assistance, he should simply close his eyes, state his request while imagining to address the Rebbe and all will work out.

“And what shall I do after the Rebbe’s passing?” asked Rabbi Fine.

“Do as I instructed you. A living tzadik will then come to your help.”

Rabbi Fine hastily escaped Europe and eventually settled in the States. Shortly after our Rebbe assumed his nesius, Rabbi Fine’s daughter gradually lost her eyesight. There was nothing her doctors could do for her. The previous Belzer Rebbe had passed on. Remembering what the Rebbe told him during his farewell yechidus, Rabbi Fine closed his eyes and tearfully told his Rebbe about his current tzoroh. As he finished speaking, the telephone rang. Our Rebbe’s secretary introduced himself and explained that the Lubavitcher Rebbe wishes to know whether there was anything he could do for him. Rabbi Fine told the secretary about his daughter’s blindness.

With time, Rabbi Fine’s daughter regained functional eyesight. This was when the Fine family joined Lubavitch.

(Heard in the name of Rabbi Fine’s son, Rabbi Ronnie Fine of Chabad Zichron Kdoshim.)

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