Mihu Yehudi

R’ Yudel Krinsky brought a secular couple to the Rebbe for Dollars. Upon receiving his dollar, the husband challenged the Rebbe’s stance on Mihu Yehudi meddling into the affairs of Israel and so on. One of the points the Rebbe touched upon in his response was the theme he mentioned in several sichos that everyone who objected the Rebbe’s position on this issue had a personal stake as one of their own relatives was converted improperly. The Rebbe concluded, “and your wife certainly appreciates everything I’ve said.”

As they left the Rebbe’s presence, the husband remarked to Rabbi Krinsky, “My wife was actually converted improperly. But what impresses me more than the Rebbe’s open ruach hakodesh is his personality. He could have said outright that the reason I was so angry was because my own wife is an improper proselyte. He basically could have put me to the wall. But the Rebbe conveyed the message in such a delicate and kind manner.


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