Hatred of Esov to Yaakov

An Israeli backpacker once shared at the Shabbos table of an Australian shliach his experiences in the Australian outback just one week prior:

He originates from a completely secular background. He always was ashamed of his Jewish identity. He felt the Jews stole a country from the Arabs and provoked the UN. After he completed the Israeli military, he traveled abroad. His destination: far from his shameful Jewish brethren. Appropriately,  he arrived in Sydney and flushed his Israeli passport in their international airport. So he thought. As he walked through the streets of Bondi, he encountered scores of very visibly Orthodox Jews. Ultra Orthodox, modern Orthodox and everything in between. Determined, he moved north to Cairns, Queensland where he clearly reached his desired goal. No orthodox Jews lived or visited here. He quickly became friendly with the locals and blended in well with them. One Saturday afternoon, as they were enjoying a beer in the pub, one of the guys remarked how Australia has such a remarkable קבוץ גליות. Another suggested that each person around the table should announce his nationality. And so they went around the table. One individual was American, a second a Turk, a third Russian and on it went. Several, of course were true blue Aussies. As our friend announced that he’s Jewish, all his peers spontaneously rose as they exclaimed, ” a Jew?!” Spitting, they moved to a different table leaving the Israeli a table all for himself.

Sunday morning, the Jew spoke with his pals about yesterday’s events. He inquired each one about any possible Arab, Muslim or UN background or other motive for their reaction. Each denied any such motive adding, “Mate, we were stoned drunk and had no idea what we were saying. Don’t take it personal. Forget about it. OK mate?”

Finally arrived about the chronic reality of anti-semitism, the backpacker immediately returned to Sydney, resolved to reconnect with his brethren.


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