The Rabbi and wagon driver

Chief Rabbi Izaak of Homil never veered from his practise of praying at great length even while on the road. These lengthy sessions gave his uneducated wagon driver ample time for observations and thought… After one such session, he shared with the Rabbi an observation he made from their many trips: The faster the horses ran, the quicker the wheels turned…

The Rabbi advised him once more that spending more time to at least daven like a mentsh, rather than gobbling through it, would allow him less time to focus on such nonsense.

To which the wagon driver retorted, “How can the Rabbi compare himself with me? We both stared school together in the same class. With his sharp mind the Rabbi quickly ascended to Chumosh, then Mishna and Gemoro class. You barely spent 3 months learning Ivri? How well can you know it? No wonder it takes you so long to read through the Siddur. With my thick head, I spent years in Krioh class. After so much time, I became so fluent in Ivri, I fly through the Hebrew prayers in no time…


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