The cough

This story discusses an Israeli bocher who arrived in 770 for kevutzoh. Money back at home was tight and he determined to help out. Problem was hanholo did not permit him to take off any time from his studies for anything else. Determined as he was, he secured himself a job at the Williamsburg Padriad (Matzoh bakery) as their mashgiach because they paid their mashgichim well.

Well, when the year ended, he returned to Israel. As he descended the plane, he suddenly began sneezing heavily. As the sneezing developed to wheezing and whooping, he consulted all the doctors he could. Unfortunately, they were of no help.

At last the coughing stopped as abruptly as it began. When the bocher visited the Kfar Chabad yeshiva, he tearfully told the talmidim gathered there of his saga. He told them of all the money he threw on these useless doctors. He calculated that it was when he spent on them the last penny he earned at the padriad that the cold stopped.


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