Join the Family Business

A Modern Orthodox bocher arrived at the Zal in Kfar Chabad in his shirt and jeans. After studying diligently for several years, he continued his studies at Crown Heights where he met his Kallah. His father asked him to join his business following his wedding. The chosson, however, insisted  that he’ll continue for 2 years in kollel possibly followed by a lifetime of Shlichus. They decided the Rebbe will settle the matter at Yechidus.

Some weeks before his chasuno, he entered the Rebbe’s room along with his parents for yechidus. During yechidus, the Rebbe uncharacteristically agreed with the father’s request. It was customary that following Yechidus with his parents, the Choson would see the Rebbe again privately. To be sure he understood correctly, the Choson asked again about his future following his Chasunoh. To the Choson’s disappointment, the Rebbe reiterated what he previously told the parents.

Sadly, the Choson’s father took ill during Sheva Brochos. Shortly thereafter he passed on, leaving his business to his newly-married son.